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Blueprint is Knauf's new comprehensive technical manual for lightweight steel frame construction offering complete Knauf systems. To find the right Knauf System from the Blueprint to match your project specific architectural requirements like FRL, Rw, Rw+Ctr ratings, etc. and to find a suitable Knauf's non-load bearing light weight steel frame design for the selected system, please click the image above.

Knauf Frame Finder

Knauf Wind Load Calculator

Non-load bearing walls and celings can be easily built with Knauf's cold formed light gauge steel framing systems. Knauf offers wide range of steel studs, tracks, top cross rails, furring channels and top hats for both internal and external non-load bearing applications. To find the right Knauf framing system to suit the project specific requirements, please click the image above. If your building is in non-cyclonic wind regions, region A and region B, your building height is less than 100m and there are no dominant openings on any external surface, to calculate the wind loads applicable to your internal non-load bearing steel frame walls and ceilings, please click the image above.

Knauf Radius Calculator

Knauf InterHome Calculator

Knauf offers pre-curved furring channels and top cross rails to build curved ceilings. If you want to know the radius and length of a furring channel or top cross rail needed to build a curved ceiling, both concave and convex, please click the image above. InterHome is a separating wall system suitable for adjoining residential dwellings such as duplexes or townhouses. InterHome has been designed to satisfy the fire safety and sound insulation requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for separating walls. To estimate the quantity of materials needed to build Knauf InterHome wall, please click the image above.

Knauf Wall Thermal Calculator

Knauf Reverberation Time Calculator

The thermal resistance of an external wall has significant influence on the energy efficiency of a building. Total R-Value is the sum of the thermal resistances, R-values, of the individual component layers in a composite element including any building material, insulating material, airspace and associated surface resistances. To estimate the Total R-Value of a wall, please click the image above. In a closed space, sound gets reflected from hard and smooth surfaces creating reverberation, the persistence of a sound even after its source has stopped. Adding sound absorbers like Knauf's Stratopanel significantly reduces the reverberation noise in a closed space. To find the recommended reverberation time as per AS/NZS 2107: 2000 and estimate the Reverberation Time, RT60 or T, of a room, please click the image above.

For any question, comment or suggestion regarding Knauf calculators, please send us your feedback or call Knauf Customer Services at 1300724505.

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